We enjoy getting out and running races all over the place – and especially when it means we can meet you! We would love to meet you if you happen to be running a race that weekend or even if you’re just in the area. Our community so awesome and provides so much support and encouragement. We’ll supply coupon codes here as well to help make your races a bit more affordable as well!

2020 Races

Seaside Marathon (February 16) in Ventura, CA – Alex is running the marathon but there are plenty of distances to choose from

2020 March Madness Half Marathon (March 7) in Bountiful, UT – Alex is running the half marathon distance while Audrey will be in Italy for a school trip (she and mom usually run too). Many distances to choose from

Ogden Marathon (May 16) in Ogden, UT – Rated in the top 10 marathons in the world by Runner’s World, Alex is tentatively running the full and Audrey might be joining as well

The Divide 50K (July 11) near Butte, MT – This will be both Alex and Audrey’s first 50K.

TCS New York City Marathon (November 1) in NYC of course – Alex is in the lottery with the hope of being selected to run this epic race for the second time!