This question has been coming up a lot over the last few weeks so I thought I would try to address it – well, at least from one angle. The problem is, trying to address the questions, “How Fast Should I Run My Training Plans?” is almost as ubiquitous as asking how to run.

If you’re looking for that silver bullet answer on the perfect pace to run each and every run for your goals (whatever they may be), I’m sorry to disappoint and share that this isn’t it. But there is a commonality that all your training plans should have no matter your goal – the concept of the easy run.

Training cycles are meant to stress the body, but that doesn’t mean that every run should. The problem is, many runners think the meme, “Beat Yesterday” is the key to their training runs – meaning making each and every run faster than the day before. This is unfortunately a recipe for injury and overtraining and often ends up with the runner plateauing or worse – getting slower.

In this episode we seek to cover a lot of ground (this Motivation Mile is pushing it at just over 15 minutes) with the goal of addressing those dangers of always pushing fast, checking out what the elites do in their training, and then learning what expert coaches in their field (e.g., from the man, Jack Daniels himself) share regarding the need for the easy run.

We invite you to download this week’s episode and take us along on your next run. Then check out our past episodes to learn even more!

This is another episode following our Motivation Mile format, meaning that we want to share with you the motivation you need, encourage you on your way, and provide those critical running tips to help you on your own running journey – all in the time it takes to run a mile.  And if you’re wondering, we do answer all those questions during our short mile.

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Thank you for listening and look forward to catching up with you next time!

Happy Running! 

Coach Alex – RRCA certified running coach



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