I admit it.  Sometimes the school of hard knocks is the best way to learn a lesson.  But let’s be honest, there’s so many lessons out there to learn that occasionally it’s nice to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

So that’s the approach I tried to take for this episode.  True, we already have an episode on some top tips for your next race.  But as I’m gearing up for my first race in 2019 (the Phoenix Marathon – will any of you be there?  If so let me know!) and dwelling on some of these “school of hard knock lessons”, I knew I had to share them to keep you from experiencing some of the same pain I have in the past.

I don’t want to spoil your learning by just posting them here, but here’s some tips of what you can expect:

  • Remember something you just might forget when getting out the door in those early morning hours before your race.  I know I did – and paid for it later.
  • Maybe you don’t know this is something you can and should do to help you stay comfortable before your run.  Plus one rule you really need to follow if you do.
  • Think baby steps are only for your running goals?  Apply baby steps to this tip and have even more fun at your next race!
  • When you can’t control the uncontrollable, maybe you can bring your own to make sure you have what you need.
  • If you don’t do this you’ll regret it months or even years later.

Finally – if you have any you’ve learned from your own “school of hard knocks”, I encourage you to reach out and share.  Your tip just might wind up on our next podcast episode!

We invite you to download this week’s episode and take us along on your next run. Then check out our past episodes to learn even more!

This is another episode following our Motivation Mile format, meaning that we want to share with you the motivation you need, encourage you on your way, and provide those critical running tips to help you on your own running journey – all in the time it takes to run a mile.  And if you’re wondering, we do answer all those questions during our short mile.

Finally, we appreciate our sponsor – Great 8 Virtual Races.  As we mention in this episode, they have introduced their 2018 Running Tour T-Shirt – an awesome way to share your miles and races from this past year with everyone you meet.  This personalized shirt will allow you to share with more than your Strava and social media followers.  You put in the blood, the sweat, the tears, and all the work this past year – make sure you showcase it everywhere you go.  Make sure to use discount code NEWYEAR (no spaces) for $5 off your shirt – and all shipped free to you!

Come check us out on Twitter (@motivatemetorun), come join us in our Motivate Me To Run group on Facebook, and even our show notes at motivatemetorun.com.  If you have any questions you would like me to cover then email me at alex@motivatemetorun.com.

Thank you for listening and look forward to catching up with you next time!

Happy Running! 

Coach Alex – RRCA certified running coach



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